About Us:
Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral and Our Renovation Project Mission

Welcome to the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral's Renovation and Expansion Project! We're dedicated to preserving our cultural heritage and spiritual life by renovating and expanding our cherished cathedral. Your support, through pledges, donations, or both, will help make this vision a reality. Beyond our physical space, our vibrant community is committed to enriching lives and fostering an understanding of Orthodox Christian values. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey, ensuring our cathedral remains a beacon of faith and tradition for generations to come.

Engaging Programs

Revitalizing Our Space: The Urgent Need for Renovation

Addressing Recurring Failures

The current facilities used for all our social gatherings and functions are plagued by recurrent failures. Our mechanical systems, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, are operating at a mere 30% efficiency, demanding an urgent and complete overhaul.

Expanding and Enhancing

The existing banquet hall not only falls short of our current auxiliary needs but also lacks visual appeal. This has forced our parishioners to seek alternative venues, resulting in a direct impact on our parish income. Renovation will allow us to expand and enhance the space, making it more attractive and functional.

Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges

The building's outdated infrastructure, such as old, corroded galvanized steel piping, leads to leaks and burst pipes. The inefficient HVAC system also frequently demands costly repairs. Renovation is crucial to modernize and rectify these infrastructure challenges, ensuring a reliable and efficient facility.

Preserving Parish Income

By renovating, we can retain our parishioners' functions within our own facilities, preventing the loss of income and supporting the sustainability of our parish. The renovation will transform our space into an attractive, functional, and cost-effective venue for all our social and community gatherings.